You cannot afford not to advertise.“Studies in learning and memory say that repetition with both sound and visual in put is the Best way to insure it is remembered” As part of our advertising campaign on our course, we are offering a select few companies the following opportunities to advertise: Sponsor prizes at one of our member day’s.

This will allow you to hand out business cards, pamphlets and put up branding on course on the day and in the bar during prize giving. Advertising on course at cost.

The advertising includes tee boxes, distance markers and pin flags on all holes.

Some holes will also have ball washers, benches, Bridges and water coolers that can be used for branding purposes. All advertising is very tastefully done, so as not to detract from the beauty of the surroundings, but will also be visible for the golfers. We have found that allowing advertising on the golf course and at golf events has proved to be a very effective way of utilizing what we have to benefit the club, advertising companies and golfers alike. Please contact Reception –

011 608 2033 or